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Why I Am Running

Approval ratings of Congress are at all time lows. Polls show that government itself is the biggest problem facing America today. The justice system is broken. Government is not operating according to the founding principle of the Consent of the Governed. It is running according to the will of the one percent – those who can pay for access.

As a lawyer, I have represented whistleblowers, police officers, public servants, women, minorities, and other common people in all walks of life. I have worked with people struggling to save their homes in the face of the national mortgage foreclosure crisis, and those struggling to save their families through the domestic relations courts. My life has been devoted to defending the constitutional rights of hard working American citizens. I have seen and felt the pain and frustration of people who have been disenfranchised by our government.

I want to carry on this service to you as a member of Congress to work to eliminate the suffering I have seen and experienced on a daily basis. I want to help restore true liberty and justice to this great country of ours.

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Do you wish to become more engaged? Help our campaign succeed by volunteering. You can help with fundraising, get out signs and literature, and much more. Contact the campaign below and we’ll be in touch!

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Help fund my campaign and restore individual liberty.


Ostrowski for Congress
4311 N. 6th Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110


PA District 11

We have seen disasters in recent years caused by people who we trusted to be our leaders. The mortgage foreclosure epidemic, collapse of major corporations causing loss of jobs- while their CEOs walk away without consequences and billions of dollars- we have seen people losing their retirement, assets and even had their children “sold” by the Courts guardian ad litem system that profits the bar associations

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