Immigration Law

Setting an immigration policy is one of the enumerated powers of Congress under the Constitution. There is a clear need for Congress to act, and it is inexcusable to simply refuse to act for purely partisan reasons, yet that is the status quo for the “do-nothing Congress.” Border control must be an essential element of any immigration law. Not only does the problem of illegal entry into the country create bureaucratic and record-keeping mess for our government, and cause a drain on jobs and have other massive financial consequences, but it takes opportunity away from the law-abiding citizen of other countries who are seeking to emigrate through lawful process. It is these people, seeking to become American citizens, and contribute to the wealth of this country, and, most importantly, keep the wealth here.

We must find ways to protect our farmers, and find ways where they can secure cheap, seasonal labor in order to keep their prices down. We need a compassionate immigration policy that does not tear families apart, but we also need firm enforcement, to ensure that people come into our borders legally, with the lesson that the rule of law prevails in America. We have a proud history of immigration in this country, and in this district, and need to ensure that there is equal opportunity for all in this great land of ours.

Mr. Barletta’s immigration policy is a failed experiment that has been rebuked and struck down by the courts, and left the citizens of Hazleton holding the attorney’s fees bill of over 2 million dollars. Immigration policy is a core congressional function, and I will work on a bipartisan basis to develop a comprehensive plan that serves the interests of our district, and provides long-term comprehensive solutions for years to come.