Election Reform – Do Your Votes Count?

As you all know, I am fairly new to this process, being my first election, and am not an expert on election law. I am already learning, however, how even access to the political arena, let alone election to office, is very difficult for the outsider. The Citizens United decision, and the influence of big corporate money on the 2012 elections really stirred me, and was a large part of my decision to run. I will continue to develop more concrete proposals that I believe to be needed in the area of election reform, all serving to give the government back to the people, but for now, I refer you to the following “Government by the People” publication.

I am not certain that a constitutional amendment is the only way to accomplish this end, but I wholly support the People for American Way views of the corrupting influence of corporate money on the election process, and the diluting effect it has on the power of the individual vote. Please review the following, and educate yourselves on these issues, so we can come together and find creative and effective ways to give the power back to the people.